Head’s News 14 Jan 2022 - 14th Jan, 2022

First full week back, well done to all as we move into a busy period of Course Choice, Assessment, Tracking, Learner Conversations, Parents’ Eve and Curriculum planning –  all geared towards helping young people achieve the goals they set themselves. Key points; Parent info! – All pupils should come to school in uniform, PE kit […]

Head’s News 7 Jan 2022 - 7th Jan, 2022

Despite some temperamental heating issues yesterday and today we were able to welcome youngsters back to Leith. We had engineers on site all day and Edinburgh Council provided portable heaters to help get us to a temperature we could work with. By around mid-morning the heating was fully repaired and coming through. We are advised […]

Closure update - 6th Jan, 2022

Due to a boiler and heating issue across the School, we were unable to open safely today due to the temperature being too low for working conditions. The repair is well underway and we are told we will be in a position to open normally tomorrow at 8.30am. An email has been sent to Parents […]

Head’s News 16 Dec 2021 - 16th Dec, 2021

As we enter the final half day before we break for the holiday period, we are all regrettably feeling a sense underwhelmed with the recent developments linked to the pandemic. That said, our youngsters, staff, parents and partners have done outstanding work over term 1 Aug-Dec in supporting as full a return to learning as […]

Head’s News 10 Dec 2021 - 10th Dec, 2021

As we enter the final week before the end of term 1, we will keep you posted as things develop through next week on a number of fronts. For now some key points are; Assembly from M. Irving Please see the video assembly from Mr Irving on Back to Basics as we end 2021 and […]

Head’s News 3 Dec 2021 - 3rd Dec, 2021

As we enter December, another busy week at Leith Academy. Some important points below; Covid – The Omicron situation continues to develop. From our end nothing changes, but we would like us all (Home, School) to reinforce our key steps of -hand hygiene -coverings -2m where we can adult;child -talk to youngsters about the important […]

Head’s News 26 Nov 2021 - 26th Nov, 2021

A busy week as ever, December begins next week and we are now entering the final period before the Christmas break. Some key points; Covid As the Covid presence continues, all families / youngsters must be mindful of the steps we should continue to take. Govt guidance has echoed the importance of ventilating rooms, but […]

Head’s News 19 Nov 2021 - 19th Nov, 2021

There have been an increase in Scottish Govt updates around the importance of the next few weeks linked to Covid, the NHS and continuing to try and take the proportionate steps we can to minimise disruption. Some key points; Covid continues – You will be aware that the Scottish and UK government are concerned over […]

Head’s News 12 Nov 2021 - 12th Nov, 2021

As we progress through November another busy week at Leith Academy with some key points below; COP26 Final days – well done to Ms Thompson, the Art Team and all the fantastic entries for the T-Shirt competition. Some of the quality of design, messaging and concern that came through was inspiring. S4,5,6 Assessment window / […]

Head’s News 5th November - 5th Nov, 2021

With Fireworks night upon us, stay safe and enjoy any community planned events with friends and family. Key points: Parents’ Eve – Well done to all last night re S4,5,6 Parents’ Eve, initial briefings from staff suggest the night was, for most, a positive experience in terms of connectivity. Hopefully the discussions around progress for […]