Design and Technology – Jewellery Design

Jewellery: Basic Techniques 1 is a level 5 NPA, where you will learn a range of skills in relation to the design, hand manufacture and increasingly use of CAD for the production and servicing of jewellery items.

This course is very creative, and you will design and manufacture a range of Jewellery items using copper, brass, aluminium, and silver.  The course is very practical, and will be based fully in the metal workshop.

The skills you learn in this course may lead to broad range of potential for jobs or careers in: jewellery, manufacturing and design.  If you enjoy this course there are several great higher education courses that you could progress to.

Currently Jewellery: Basic Techniques 1 (Level 5) is a stand-alone course, but skills learned will compliment Art and Design, Design and Manufacture, and Practical Woodwork.