Physical Education – SQA Leadership

SQA Leadership (Level 6) Course Overview

Course Aims

The Leadership Award develops knowledge of leadership skills, styles and qualities. It is designed for learners who take, or plan to take, a leading role for an activity. At Leith Academy, we teach the SQA Leadership course to SCQF level 6 (equivalent to Higher). The Award allows individuals to build self-confidence and self-esteem and encourages learners to embrace their role as leaders in the school.

Candidates will take on roles as leaders in the school and wider community, contributing to whole school events and charity fundraisers like Sports Day, Sports Relief and Diversity Day.

Course Units

Leadership: An Introduction (20 hours): Candidates carry out research to find out about leadership styles and the skills and qualities found in effective leaders. Candidates are required to produce a report on their findings and evaluate their own potential for leadership.

Leadership in Practice (40 hours): Candidates take a leading role in an activity. They will prepare to carry out the activity by considering the factors involved, such as resources, people, time and potential risks. Candidates then carry out the activity, monitoring progress and making changes as needed. At the end, candidates review their experience, drawing conclusions about themselves as a leader. At Leith Academy, we do this through an eighteen-week PE placement at a local Primary School delivering quality, meaningful PE lessons.