Head’s News 28 Feb 2020 - 28th Feb, 2020

This week has been dominated by our Eco Drive with the Pupil Council. We were joined today by Ben MacPherson MSP who spoke with young people about the ideas they have to make Leith Academy greener. He also spoke with our community as we celebrated Purple Friday. Some further updates are below; Purple Friday As […]

Head’s News Feb 21 2020 - 21st Feb, 2020

As we return from the mid term break we are preparing ourselves for a very busy and significant term. S6 pupils are entering their final 7 weeks of formal Schooling and our younger pupils are getting set for their choices and transition into the next year group. Some updates for you below; Uniform update How […]

Head’s News 7 Feb 2020 - 7th Feb, 2020

Leith Dress Code Update Every year as we approach Spring we take a closer look at our uniform and dress code. The code is simple and easy to follow for Parents. Please support us with this. Please use the half term to update any items if needed as we will be checking carefully on our […]