As we return from the mid term break we are preparing ourselves for a very busy and significant term. S6 pupils are entering their final 7 weeks of formal Schooling and our younger pupils are getting set for their choices and transition into the next year group.

Some updates for you below;

Uniform update

How young people are dressed for School is hugely dependant on Parental support. Thank you for this over the last few weeks as we have echoed our dress code with the pupils. Please continue with this positive message as your children get ‘ready for work’ each morning.

S4,5,6 Tracking Reports 2

Our seniors have had their reports and should now use these to plan next steps within their subjects. It may be attending a revision session after school (many on offer) or getting on the website to complete some past papers will make a difference. If you have questions please call us so we can work together to support over the coming 6 weeks till Easter.

Careers Fayre

We had an excellent event on Thursday after School where over 30 businesses pitched a spot to share their key information with pupils, parents and each other. Accountancy, The Forces, Medics, Finance, Childcare, Circular Economy and Sport & Leisure are just some of the areas represented to help pupils and their families plan their next steps.

Council Finance News

The Council’s Finance committee are working through various changes to how education is funded. You may well have seen this covered in the press. This may impact on areas such as school budget, music instrumental and nursery staff in schools. As details emerge we will keep you informed if there is any direct impact on the positive work we try to do with young people every day.

Scotsman Article

We had a nice piece of coverage in the Scotsman last weekend covering the work we continue to do with our Edinburgh International Festival partners. It was closely linked to our value of Diversity. The article is here

School Meals

The government is making changes to some of the options available to young people on a daily basis. This is to echo the work we do as Parents in encouraging young people to make healthier choices. The extract from government is below for your information;

Dear Parent/Carer,

You may already be aware that the Scottish Government are changing the legislative requirements for school meals.  The four main themes of the new legislation are:

  • To increase the daily consumption of fruit and vegetables
  • To reduce sugar in school food and drinks
  • Limit the amount of processed and red meat served in schools
  • Ensure the energy values of meals are consistent with current guidance

The City of Edinburgh Council have been working with the new guidelines in preparation for the August 2020 launch.  A summary of the key changes you will see in the secondary school meals service are shown below;

  • Enhanced fruit and vegetable availability – We will do this by ensuring our recipes contain enhanced levels  of vegetables and offering a free vegetable soup or salad with every hot meal.  A free portion of fruit will also be made available for pupils with every meal sold
  • Enhanced levels of energy available in secondary school meals –  Our 2 course set menu will be calculated to ensure it contains a greater level of energy for high school pupils – we will advertise this on our menus in school
  • Increased fibre in all bread products – We will be switching to wholemeal or high fibre bread, paninis, rolls and baguettes
  • Current snack products must meet lower levels of saturated fat, salt and sugar – a new range of low sugar baking will be introduced in schools, packaged products such as baked crisps and popcorn will meet new legislation
  • Limit the amount of red and red processed meat on menus – our morning break service will be refreshed to reduce the frequency of breakfast products such as bacon and sausage, a new range of morning snacks will be introduced.  We have also increased the amount of plant and fish based dishes to encourage uptake of vegetables
  • Remove high sugar fruit based drinks – over the next year the canteen will only be serving drinks that meet the new legislative requirements with many manufacturers introducing low sugar alternatives
  • Restrict pastry products from school menus – items such as croissants and pies will be reduced so they only feature on our school menus twice per week.

Our in house catering teams are working hard to promote the catering service and working with school groups to educate them on the new standards and why they are important for the nations health.  Please ask your children to engage with the service and enquire about the changes.  More information on the changes can be found here:

Kind Regards

The Edinburgh Council Catering Service

Have a nice weekend from all at Leith Academy.

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