Head’s News 25 Sept 2020 - 25th Sep, 2020

As we complete September and enter October next week we continue to work within the unpredictable landscape of the pandemic. Thank you for the support and understanding of those who were impacted by the positive case we had in our community which linked into the School. We received good support from ScotGovt and the NHS […]

Covid19 2nd Update 21Sept - 21st Sep, 2020

We have followed the guidelines set out by the NHS Team and have an update below. Please see a letter attached from NHS Lothian. This is the 2nd message from Mr Irving and NHS Lothian As you already know, we are aware of a person in the school who has tested positive for COVID-19. We […]

Covid19 Update 21 Sept 2020 - 21st Sep, 2020

Pupils, Parents, Partners, We received an update from NHS Lothian today. There is no cause for alarm and the school remains open. Message from Mr Irving and NHS Lothian We were informed today of a person in the school who has tested positive for COVID-19. We are working closely with NHS Lothian Health Protection Team and following […]

Head’s News 18 Sept 2020 - 18th Sep, 2020

Today we start the September weekend which presents us with a Monday holiday. We hope our families have a nice long weekend and that the weather holds in a positive way. Some key points and updates below; Staggered times Our staggered times and entry points will remain in place for next week. See earlier posts […]

Head’s News 11 Sept 2020 - 11th Sep, 2020

Update for stakeholders This week has seen a further shift in the First minister’s guidance we all have to follow. Once again I commend our staff and pupils who have worked together through the steps with a shared aim of trying to keep us as safe as possible. The announcements this week have been a […]

Mid week update - 8th Sep, 2020

Now that we have been back for almost a month we thought it was important to continue to echo and reinforce the importance of maintaining the steps we have planned at Leith Academy and also the steps our young adults need to take when in their community. Across the country it is well documented that […]

Head’s News 4 Sept 2020 - 4th Sep, 2020

Thank you for your efforts through this week as we implemented the guidance that we all should wear a covering when travelling around the school. It has been a cautious week in general regarding the pandemic as the First Minister watches parts of the country and our communities carefully. Some key points to keep you […]