Now that we have been back for almost a month we thought it was important to continue to echo and reinforce the importance of maintaining the steps we have planned at Leith Academy and also the steps our young adults need to take when in their community.

Across the country it is well documented that there is concern around older pupils and early adult age groups (broadly 17-30yrs) gathering socially against the guidelines. As we know this in turn puts families, schools and workplaces at risk in terms of infection and subsequent possible transmission.

We spoke with our S6 yesterday during their study period to echo this. We understand the challenges of the guidelines as it is vital to us all that we meet friends and socialise, but we urged this to happen in a safe way by highlighting the possible indirect consequences.

Those with symptoms must stay off school and book a test. All family members must also isolate until the result is received. Follow the guidelines on the website .

Our aim across the country is to stay away from further restrictions and ultimately a second full lockdown. As has been the case throughout this pandemic, this has an ‘individual social responsibility’ element to it like nothing we have seen before.

We will continue to take the steps we can below and ask our ‘adults’ in the building to do all they can to have a similar approach through their time out of school where possible.

Current daily steps;

-Stagger times for start / end of day and for lunch

-All pupils / staff / users should wear a covering every day

-All hand sanitise when entering each room

-Work stations wiped down after each use

-2m distance maintained at all possible times

Thank you for continuing to support these steps from all at Leith Academy.

We will post our usual update on Friday.

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