As we enter April with 1 big week to go, here are the key points below for Parents and Families.

Covid – The picture remains the same for schools into next week. Use of coverings in corridors and busy places with sensible hand cleaning and ventilation in place. We may be in a different position re face coverings on our return, the First Minister has indicated 18th April as this date but we will monitor on our return. As ever, face coverings will continue to be an option if people feel more comfortable.

Reminder from previous Head’s News to Parents –

Parent notice linked to our International Research involvement – As you know we are involved in this study TEAMS: Teaching that Matters for Migrant Students: Understanding Levers of Integration in Scotland, Finland and Sweden | The University of Edinburgh . For the next phase of the study all S1-3 pupils will be involved UNLESS they opt out. This is to help maximise responses and improve findings. This link takes you to 2 forms, one is the Research Information and the other is Parental opt out form if needed,

Easter Revision – SIGN UP by end of Sunday 3rd April

The timetable for Easter Revision sessions is now complete and S4-6 pupils can sign-up via the link for the sessions they wish to attend (this link has also been emailed out to S4-6 email accounts).  The sessions are three hours each (9am-12pm or 1pm-4pm) and take place during the first week of the Easter break, running Mon 11th April – Thurs 14th April.  We have a fantastic number of sessions on offer from staff to help pupils in this key time of year in the run up to their final exams.  The sessions are free to all pupils if they have registered to attend.  If a subject/level appears more than once, they can sign up for it more than once, however once the deadline has passed I will then allocate the sessions based on numbers (eg they may only be allocated one session in a subject area if numbers are high).  Those who sign-up will receive an email to their school email account next week with their individual schedule of sessions.  With limited numbers in each session it is important that those who are registered for sessions do attend them.

Primary Rugby Festival – A great event with our P6 and P7 pupils getting involved in some play / activity. There are great photos on our Twitter page @leithacademy

Be Prepared – Thank you for sharing the message and talking with your youngsters regarding our Leith School dress. We shared this PowerPoint message today period 3. Families please look over the PowerPoint to help plan for next week and after the Easter break.

If Families need support please get in touch with your House Head or email .

SQA – We’re in the final week before Easter, our young adults in S4,5,6 are working with staff to finalise any pieces or prepare for assessments. Our Focussed Mentors are also linking in to help the final push towards achieving outcomes. It is crucial young people attend classes, ask questions and take on feedback.

Careers bulletin – As some of our S4,5,6 make plans for their next steps beyond School and our S1,2,3 make choices into subjects and pathways that interest them, the bulletin attached has useful info for youngsters and Families.

Have a great weekend from all at Leith Academy.

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