My congratulations to all our young Leithers as they complete the 21/22 timetable. We all hope the new timetable starting on Monday has less covid 22/23 interruption.

New Timetable – This begins on Monday, Mr Stewart and our admin team have done a super job in pulling all the requests / choices together in the best way possible. The timetables will be issued to pupils on Monday morning and we will work through any questions over the coming weeks to allow a positive start back in August. A school timetable is a very complicated process, it is impossible to provide perfect solutions for all circa1000 youngsters, but we get to the best match we can within our resources.

S6 Induction – Our new S6 role models return on Monday for their induction. This is a 9AM start for new S6.

PLEASE NOTE, further to Mr Irving’s letter re uniform earlier today. On Monday S6 can dress down with outdoor / active wear as there will be teambuilding activities. Uniform expectation will resume on Tuesday.

iPad return – All S6 pupils (and S4/5 leavers) are to return their iPad, cable and plug, with the iPad fully reset to Mr Hanlon in the Medical Room on Monday as all the exams have now finished, we now re-issue to younger year groups.

Re S6 – supporting attendance at prom is on condition of the device return.

Have a nice long weekend, if it Jubilee influenced – enjoy that. Fingers crossed for Scotland tonight and Sunday(!) and we’ll see the youngsters on Monday for the start of the 2022/23 Timetable at Leith.

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