Well done with this week to all that were involved in SQA assessments. We saw some great work on assessments in PE, Home Ec, Drama and more to come in Languages, more Drama and others….this is a big deal for those involved and the marks contribute to overall National outcomes – great work from all.

Culture Day – Our first culture day took place today, it was fantastic and it was led by our Equalities Ambassadors with great support from Staff across the School. See photos below and on Twitter @leithacademy . Well done to all!

Leith Parent Council – Our Parent council at Leith are a fantastic support to the school and to the young people. There are many ways you can get involved, especially now as things begin to ease across society. If you like updates please email Laura and Colin on leithparentcouncil@gmail.com and they will add you to the distribution list.

Parents!! – Thank you if you were able to fill the survey we shared a few weeks ago, unfortunately we don’t get the results till May! Could you spare 3 mins to do this ‘quick fire’ version? It will be a great help to hear how we’ve been doing over recent years! https://forms.office.com/r/c7n9kdXJMj . If we can get 200+ replies by next week that will be great! Thank you

Scottish Qualifications Authority (SQA) – The SQA have started to release the adjustments they are making for courses that have an exam. Check the website to be clear of the changes relevant to your exam so you can best prepare. To help, we have pulled together the info for each subject on the attached sheets below.

Exam leave arrangements – Arrangement guidelines are being released by Edinburgh Council for Secondary Schools to work within. Our Senior Team are working through the arrangements for Leith Academy and will keep Pupils and their Families updated of the key info. The most important thing at present is to ‘Be Here’ in lessons, asking questions, taking on feedback and making step by step progress towards your goals.

Focussed mentoring – To help youngsters in the Senior Phase, we are offering mentoring to targeted groups. If you are involved this will be to help over the next 4 weeks towards Easter. Organisation, planning, signposting and talking through will be some of the supports the mentor offers. We will keep families updated if your son/daughter has been identified for this great support.

Easter Revision – We are working up a plan to offer support to young people, with staff taking time to offer sessions where they can. Details to come from Ms Watson soon.

S3 Parents’ Eve – A very positive evening was held on Wednesday to help provide more useful info to Families and young people in their pathway through S4 and into the Senior Phase. If you missed a slot email Admin@leith.edin.sch.uk and we will support next steps.

Curriculum website page – Please find our new dedicated website page providing guidance to our young adults who are leaving school and taking their step into their next chapter, whatever that may be, we hope it’s useful for youngsters and Families……. https://leithacademy.uk/pupils/guidance-for-school-leavers/

Support for the conflict – People are keen to support, but getting the right support to the right people needs co-ordination. This link can be a good starting point and is recommended, Ukraine Humanitarian Appeal | Disasters Emergency Committee (dec.org.uk) .

Whatever you are doing this weekend, we hope you have a nice time with family and friends.

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