The main focus this week is clearly thinking and planning for next week! Plans have been emailed to all families for next week, please familiarise yourself and the family with these to help make next week as positive and smooth as possible. We will be ready to react and adapt as the weeks progress.

Some further points;

School Plan till Easter

This has been emailed yesterday to all families, if you have not received this please contact the school on . Mr Irving has also put the information into a presentation to help understanding which can be found here .

We look forward to seeing you all again over the course of next week.

S4,5,6 Reports

Having worked hard to find a Covid based solution, S4-6 reports were emailed out to families yesterday along with a separate email with the covering letter attached.  We hope they are informative, help with learner pathway decisions and give clear steps for improvement where required. Get in touch if you need to talk things over.

SQA 2021 Qualifications Booklet

We have attached the learner booklet for all S4-6 pupils, this has been sent direct to their email, but thought it would be good to go out to families too. The important information is set out really clearly and tries to make it easy to follow how the system of getting awards / grades etc will work. 

Wild Fires Info – attached below is an information sheet sent to us from Fire Service Scotland which we were asked to share, it may be a useful discussion point with the family.

As we enter another Covid chapter, we look forward to seeing our young adults return over the course of next week. Have a nice weekend.

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