Staff, Pupils and Partners


The prelims finish today, thank you for the support you have provided to the young adults as they ‘take stock’ of where they are in their courses. Our next steps are to mark and give feedback on what has gone well and what next steps are needed to plan for the spring term.

Keeping young people and their Families at the centre of these conversations will be powerful in motivating them for April / May 2020.

Thank you to all who lead and supported the prelims.

Next Friday

Next week we will celebrate the end of term as a whole School team at South Leith Parish Church, where Leith Academy was formed in 1560. We will provide details of staff roles to help us get the kids down to the church safely.

As in previous years, I am providing a refreshment at the Church once the kids have gone, Rev Ian May is happy to host us briefly before we head to the city. The numbers for the Christmas lunch are brilliant so we look forward to that as a nice way to end a busy and successful term as ever.


£350 was raised by the S6 today through our Christmas jumper event. Some funds will go to support a local charity, the rest will be used to help poverty proof the demands of S6 re yearbook, prom, outfits and the unconscious pressure this brings socially.

Languages Fayre

Our Languages Team led a great event last week for our cluster P7 pupils. As we know Diversity is one of our values and we proudly celebrate the 58+ countries we have represented across Leith. The P7 really enjoyed the event and our own pupils did some great work in presenting and leading.

EIF Brand Launch

We launched our ‘pupil created’ branding for our Edinburgh International Festival residency partnership. From creation to production, our pupils linked in with industry experts to bring the brand to life. Keep an eye on the Scotsman for press release over the coming days.

Snow Queen

Through our EIF partnership we were able to take over 100 pupils and their Families to the showing of the Snow Queen ballet at the Festival Theatre. This was a great experience led by staff where in some cases young people and their Families experienced a visit to the theatre for the first time. Well done to all. ffffffffffffff

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