We are in a reactive position to respond to any announcements from government. We will keep you updated as matters develop across Scotland and the UK.

The update we would send you today, as you can expect is largely dominated by current affairs linked to the Coronavirus. See below;


Recently, we were randomly selected to participate in the International data gathering of pupil performance in education across the globe. Thank you to the pupils who took part last week in providing this data which is published in due course and used to evaluate curricula across many countries.


As noted above. Clearly there is a vast amount of information circulating around Scotland, the UK and the wider world in relation to steps and measures. We remain open as a School but will keep Pupils, Staff and Parents updated through our channels of website, twitter and group call messaging as the situation develops.

We are working on any steps we can take to prepare resources / work / activities for pupils in the event of any decision taken by the government.

Continue to follow guidance on symptoms and preventative measures to help keep all safe and well (examples below);



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