A huge well done to our brilliant community for the work completed and engaged in this week through our online learning; staff, pupils, parents, carers, partners have all been amazing in doing what they can to plan, adapt and support the changes we are all dealing with.

We continue to work from home and stay at home as much as possible with the Govt priority being around Public Health at present. The First Minister is due to give an update on 18 Jan linked to Education and we will take steps once we hear the relevant information.

Key points from Leith;

Police online notice

Police Scotland continue to provide advice for safe use online, please find attached an info sheet to help families.

Teams tips

Our young adults have been learning how to engage in a different way through Teams. Clearly this is a challenging process for all but one we are becoming more familiar with. Please continue to show respect when online and follow the guidelines issued by staff.

S3 iPads

We have continued to release S3 iPads this week with nearly 70% issued. Please look for the Parent Pay heading to make your £20 support payment, then book a slot to collect. Ms Watson has sent out the guidance steps, if you have questions email us at Admin@Leith.edin.sch.uk and we will try yo help.


We continue to link in with SQA and Ms Watson shares any key updates. The message remains that pupils should continue with their engaging / learning online and linking in with their Teacher for support. We know this is a very unsettling situation for S4-6 across the country and as soon as we have updates we will share.

S2 into S3 Info Sessions and Parents’ Eve

We are entering an extremely busy spell in terms of planning our curriculum for 21/22, made more challenging by Covid-19. Mr Stewart led an excellent session with S2 Parents last night on choice / pathways which then leads into the Parents’ Eve next week. Our link to relevant info including the recorded meeting is here https://leithacademy.uk/pupils/choice-sheets/ .

Mr Stewart will keep you updated with details, as ever, just ask if you are unsure.

S2 Assembly on Monday morning

On Monday morning Mr Stewart will host a live assembly to S2 at 8.30am on Monday morning to support pupils through understanding course choice. This will be recorded if for some reason pupils cannot attend live. A link will be sent to S2 pupils SCHOOL EMAIL ADDRESS which they should check.

Lockdown’s got Talent!

Laughter in life is key……see attached a poster to generate some light-hearted time away from ‘formal’ screen time. Get your entries in!

500 Miles

Ordinarily, S6 would have participated in an induction programme in June.  Part of the induction involves a Charity Fair where S6 are challenged to make a profit from the £5 which we stake them.  This money is used to support the Youth Philanthropy Initiative (YPI) which all S3 participate in; many of you will have children who have taken part in YPI.

Our alternative plan for this year is a challenge to each S6 House to walk 500 miles before the February half-term.  This fits in well with our health and well-being support at school and is a way to encourage our S6 to take regular exercise and get outdoors during lockdown.   We also hope it will encourage some healthy competition between Anderson, Barton, Cowan and Port!

We would like to ask you to support them in this challenge.  If you are able to, it would be fantastic if you could donate £1, or more if you can, to the 500 miles option on ParentPay.  The money raised will go towards Leith Academy’s contribution towards the winning charity in 2020-21.  In December the Joshua Nolan Foundation won YPI and will receive £3000 to support their work.  We will also contribute £100 to the runner up charities of The Junction and Edinburgh Rape Crisis Centre.

If you would like further information on the work of these charities, please click on the following links.

The Joshua Nolan Foundation

The Junction (the-junction.org)

Edinburgh Rape Crisis Centre (ercc.scot)

Many thanks for your support.

So – many things going on in a busy January. We are impressed with how our young people and their families are adapting to learning in a different way, this is hard for us all, but we are persevering as best we can.

Have a good weekend from all at Leith Academy.

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