My continued thanks to all our staff, pupils and families for the joint effort, work and support as we have navigated our way through a school half term like no other. Our community spirit which we have in Leith will be needed as we return through November and December so this break presents a welcome rest for all.

Some key points below;

Parents’ Eve

Thank you to the staff and S1 parents who took steps into a new platform for us on Thursday evening with our S1 settling in Parents’ Eve. There were some cases where things moved through very smoothly, there were others with technical issues. We will follow up to provide feedback over the phone. Thank you for working with us through this new system and new way of working, all feedback will help us, and the company learn for future.

In Service

Monday 26th is an In Service for staff. We welcome our pupils back on the Tuesday.

Staggered start change

Having implemented our staggered start in August, we are conscious that our S4,5,6 can at times miss some key info at the start of their period 1 class. To this end we have made the following changes for our return on Tuesday 27th Oct;

  • S1-3 should arrive between 8.25am – 8.30am THROUGH THE FRONT DOOR
  • S4-6 should arrive at 8.30am THROUGH THE SIDE DOOR

This enables all pupils to go to their Key Adult / Registration class then proceed to period 1.

Translated letters

Translations of the letter issued to parents and carers last Thursday are available on the school website atইংরেজি-الإنجليزية-ealانگریز/  (Arabic, Bengali, Simplified Chinese (Mandarin), Traditional Chinese (Cantonese), Turkish, Romanian, Polish and Urdu).

Virtual Study Support

We are aware many teams are keen to get moving with additional support over Teams for their pupils. Every year we have a great offer which has seen us contribute to our vision statement of ‘Success in Learning for All’. Ms Watson is pulling this together and will keep you updated re details / protocols linked to Covid.


We are continuing to receive information from the SQA on how we plan for the coming months. Ms Watson will provide a video assembly update for our S4,5,6 when we return. Given there are no exams for N5 and there ‘may’ be exams for Higher and Adv  Higher some key points are becoming important;

  • Pupils and Teachers will work closely together to support the ‘predicted’ grade is more important than ever
  • Pupils being in class, asking questions, listening to feedback will be crucial
  • We will have assessment windows for pupils to help them gather evidence at key points over the coming months, this will be well communicated

Working together will provide the best chance of our young adults achieving the outcomes they hope for.

Parent Council

We had a very positive Parent Council meeting a few weeks ago, the minutes can be found here .

Have a great break, play by the rules, rest and relax. We’ll see you on return for the run in to Christmas.

Mike Irving

Head Teacher

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