We hope the School photos taken this week will be a nice addition to the home. The Pupils looked great in their Leith Uniform, thank you to Parents for the work supporting this at home.

We enter the September holiday weekend and hopefully there will be some time to relax and recharge as we head into a busy period towards Autumn.

Some key points;

Covid – Please see a letter to all Families from Professor Jason Leitch linked to the current picture in communities and the ongoing developments linked to vaccination for 12-15yr olds announced by the Scot Govt this week. Schools will continue to be guided by National and Local Authorities and we will of course keep all Families updated.

Flu Vaccines – Plans are in place for Tuesday for Flu vaccine spray S1-6 and Staff who have come forward. We all understand this can cause interruption but hopefully we’ll move through it successfully, as a first for us all.

S1 Lunch – Following this holiday weekend, S1’s will now be allowed to leave the school at lunch time if this is agreed / arranged with family. Our local community has long been used by the young adults of Leith Academy and it is vital we continue to respect and value the great community of Leith. All S1-S6 can of course remain in School for lunch by using our Café or by bringing a packed lunch. Pupils can also go home for lunch if this has been agreed / arranged with family.

S1 Check ins – As per each year, our S1’s will have a 1to1 catch up with their House Head over the coming weeks, this is a great chance to further build already positive relationships.

Tracking reports – Our track reports 1 are in the final stages of completion / checking and will be issued to families soon. These are sent by email direct to the family and allow proactive discussions to happen at home. Ms Watson will keep families updated on progress.

S4,5,6 Parent Info Eve – As per our calendar, our ‘How to pass National Qualifications’ evening is designed to help support Parents and Families as their youngsters travel through the Senior Phase. Planning, organising, supporting and signposting are key skills we can do as Parents to help our young adults through their subject / course demands. The date is Sept 30th and will be on Teams. Ms Watson will send further details in due course, but a date for your diary.

Parents’ Eve 2021/22 – As per recent years, Edinburgh Council has agreed to continue with online Parents’ Eve for School year 21/22. Mr Stewart will continue to lead these sessions across the School year with the relevant info. As busy Parents trying to juggle everything there are pros and cons to any model, our hope is we will continue to see an improving experience through this year.

Free bus travel – Please see attached further info to Families on the proposed free bus travel plans for Scotland. Designed to encourage more sustainable habits of travel.

Sustainability work – A great start has been made by colleagues linked to our sustainability work this year. There are many aspects to this, one is our outdoor spaces, the Art / HE courtyard is already looking well following Mrs Steele and others taking the lead with one of our Parents.

Pictures to come once complete perhaps!

We hope you have a nice long weekend (Monday is a holiday) and we’ll see you all on Tuesday for an 8.30am start.

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