Announcements have been made today around the planned closure of Schools in a bid to take sensible steps in curbing the pandemic in the United Kingdom. There will be further details to the announcements which are carried by various media streams, I will keep you updated as these emerge.

City of Edinburgh Council update

Having received the update this afternoon, Edinburgh Council is now working with a variety of partners and agencies to provide standardised consistent messaging for Parents. As soon as I receive this we will share with all stakeholders. I expect this to be in place by tomorrow.

Online Learning

We have updated our School website  under the PUPILS page, PUPIL ONLINE RESOURCES – UPDATED….

Once you click on the page and it will show you S1-6 activities for different subjects. There are a variety of links / activities / web pages to support a variety of learners. The speed at which we have had to pull this remote learning together has not been easy and I thank staff for their great efforts, which are ongoing, to provide materials to be accessed.

Free School Meals / Food Banks / Low Income

Pupils who receive support in our community are being factored into Council plans that we are awaiting. There are also links for Families with varied circumstances below;

People (DWP benefit or low income) can apply for a crisis grant from the Scottish Welfare Fund –

If People have recently applied for a benefit such as universal credit and are awaiting their first payment, they will need to apply for a benefit advance, instead of a crisis grant.  They can do this by either calling the relevant benefit office, or asking for an advance through their online journal for Universal Credit (we can advise).

 If parents are in any of the above situations have them call CHAI and ask to speak to me (Erin) – the best number to call me on is 0131 442 1009.

Parents can help

Please do not send pupils in who have a cough and/or temp.

Please isolate the whole Family, if a member has a cough and/or temp.

Please do not send a child / young adult back to School who has been sent home by School as we try to prevent any carrying.

Scottish Qualifications Authority

Planning is ongoing within the SQA, their website is  – though I must stress this is a very fluid position for the SQA and current positions or statements are likely to change. We will keep you updated.

Digital Tech – S4,5,6 iPad Offer

If your child / family previously did not participate in our Senior Phase iPad offer, however, due to planned closures you feel you would now benefit then please speak to your House Head, who may be able to provide an iPad before Friday.

Please take all steps you can to ensure responsible handling of the device and the charger. We will keep a record of those we distribute to and will collect them on our return.

Eyes open

I want to echo the local and national narrative of looking out for each other across our own local communities in which we live. My Staff and Pupils have responded in an outstanding fashion over the recent uncertainty. This will be needed going forward wherever we are. Keep eyes and ears open for neighbours or community members you can help (within the contact advice restrictions).

Do all you can to look after yourself and your friends / family going forward. We will continue to keep you updated over the coming days and weeks as details emerge on several key areas.


Mike Irving

Head Teacher

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