Updates from this week:

Strike Day – Information has been shared from the Council / Authority whilst we put together plans linked specifically to Leith. To reiterate, school buildings will be closed to all pupils across Edinburgh. We will keep all updated with finer details as we enter next week and approach Thursday.

Mid Year Assessments / Prelims – Important info has been emailed directly to all Families with timetables, key points and a video from Ms Watson. Families should take time to look over and discuss this with their young adult to help them prepare and do the best they can…..the key is to start early and plan revision step by step, and please ask questions!

Live N Learn – A great day(s) of sessions with our S4 young adults as they prepare, revise and plan ways they can balance their work and social time to maximise their achievements and outcomes. This investment in them hopefully helps them reach the goals they aim for in the coming weeks / months.

Parents’ Eve – Thank you to the Parents / Families of Cowan and Port House as we worked through the online sessions on Thursday eve. The hope is that these 1to1 sessions with Teaching staff can help provide valuable feedback to all on what is going well…..and what we need to do next. Keep in touch on Admin@leith.edin.sch.uk if you have any questions or need support.

Antibullying week – Over this week some of our youngsters created messages and PowerPoints for Key Adults to help raise awareness and support people. Information can be found here Anti-Bullying Week 2022: Reach Out (anti-bullyingalliance.org.uk)

We also have our anonymous QR code recording sheet which we monitor regularly to help. As ever, if a situation occurs, we work progressively with those involved and their families to help educate and prevent future situations for all involved.

 S4-6 National Qualifications update from SQA – The SQA have asked us to share the decisions that have been made about the approach to awarding National Qualifications in session 2022-23, as well as what decisions are still to come. This includes information on:  

  • retaining the modifications made to assessments in 2021-22
  • planning for the 2023 exams taking place
  • the approach to grading
  • support for practitioners and learners
  • ensuring contingency plans are in place

These links give information for Parents/Carers and Learners.

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