Ordinarily we would be returning from the Easter break excited at the start of the Summer term and ready for a wide variety of school events from Exams to our Evening of Celebration.

We all know that this is clearly not the case. The priority remains that if at all possible we stay at home and only leave our homes if we ‘really’ need to. This is, and continues to be a challenge, but the impact of not following govt and health advice is not on the table at present.

Updates will now be more regular as we enter term time again. Our usual platforms of our website and twitter page @leithacademy will aim to keep us all updated as we hear developments.

Some points below;

Scottish Qualifications Authority

The information up to this point has been shared through our updates and on the SQA website. There is a meeting on April 20th where there may be some more information on the details of our next steps. Once we get this info we will share it and work as hard as we can to ensure we meet the guidelines set by SQA and complete certification for our S4,5,6 in what are unchartered seas. More to follow on this over the coming week.

Student Awards Agency Scotland (SAAS)

For those Seniors leaving us into further learning; SAAS are still taking applications through their website. SAAS can contribute to tuition fees for Students learning beyond School. For full up to date info see their website www.saas.gov.uk

Learning from home

We will continue to provide activities and tasks through our website for pupils to complete in a proportionate way at home. Some classes may use different platforms to communicate, such as Microsoft Teams. It is not intended to represent ‘a normal school day’ as we are not in a normal situation, but hopefully there are tasks from our website or independently found online (from the incredible effort of companies to put up learning for young people) that can be of use.

Trips we had planned

Similar to Schools across the globe, trips are a common theme we all look forward to in the summer term, and we had some planned. Regrettably this is one of the many aspects of normal life that have been impacted by the pandemic. Edinburgh Council continue to work with tour operators and individual Schools on a trip by trip basis as each have their own terms. We will keep in touch with Parents as soon as we have refund information for the trips from Leith Academy being affected but please be aware this may take time over the summer term.

We hope that our young Leithers and their families are finding ways to cope and look after each other in these trying times. There are a variety of supports across a wide range of media platforms. If you have any questions we will try our best to help and support from the strange position we find ourselves in, on our website our contact email is admin@leith.edin.sch.uk .

Take care from all at Leith Academy and we will keep you updated as information transpires.

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