There have been an increase in Scottish Govt updates around the importance of the next few weeks linked to Covid, the NHS and continuing to try and take the proportionate steps we can to minimise disruption.

Some key points;

Covid continues – You will be aware that the Scottish and UK government are concerned over the coming weeks as we enter the deeper parts of winter towards Christmas. With only 4 weeks to go until we break it is important we keep reinforcing what we do to help reduce transmission where possible. Steps to take;

-Hand san and hand hygiene

-Coverings to be worn by all

-Use outside where possible

-CONTINUE to take LFD Tests

Rights Respecting Schools – We are delighted that we have been in discussion with the awarding body, based on the work we do to help and support young people, we have been informed that we are committed to the Bronze level and have been encouraged to continue to our Silver. Huge thanks to all colleagues, pupils and parents who have helped get us to this point. The link is here  The Rights Respecting Schools Award | UNICEF UK .

Parents’ Eve S4,5,6 – Thank you for the engagement over recent weeks with our S4,5,6 families. This is an incredibly important, challenging, anxious and potentially exciting time for young adults and their families…..especially with the background of interrupted learning and ongoing Covid impact. The conversations we have between families and school are crucial in building that joint support.

Parent Council Meeting – We have our next Parent Council Meeting on 2nd December. This originally was Nov 25th but has had to be rescheduled. Laura Brown, PC Chair will email out for attendees and the share the Teams link. The more Parents we can engage with the better, if you are able please join us, there will also be a minute available on our website after the meeting.

S3 Track 1 reports – The S3 reports are being finalised and emailed to parents. We had some elements to cross check before sending out hence the date slip from our published calendar. These tracking reports should trigger supportive discussions at home and if needed should support conversations between home / school to help plan positive next steps. As ever contact can be made through and we can direct to the colleague best placed to help.

Upcoming assessment window – Ms Watson has sent out to staff, young people and families the assessment plan which begins a week on Monday, by email. As ever, this is a chance for youngsters to ‘take the temperature’ . The marking / feedback will allow you to know what is going well and what do I need to work on? This will help improvement towards our 2nd assessment window in Feb/March and into the Summer assessments in May.

S3, 4, 5 Course / Subject Choice – This process is now underway with Mr Stewart leading the process. You will have received an important email to Parents providing information which should be discussed at home. These are important steps as youngsters chose their subjects and paths for the start of the 22/23 School year.

Mid November is always a time of transition, shorter days, more darkness, sunlight adjustment, colder, wind picking up….and progress through courses gathering pace. On top of this there are the ongoing societal and educational residual (and present) challenges of Covid. Be mindful of this and be sure to strike the correct balance of work, social time and rest.

Have a good weekend.

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