In ordinary times we would be completing our term at Leith Academy tomorrow and wishing our pupils and their families a pleasant Easter holiday. We are certainly not in that place at present.

Thank you to all stakeholders. Our staff, our parents, our pupils and our partners for listening carefully to the clear advice of STAY AT HOME if at all possible as we continue to work to defeat the pandemic that seems to be impacting every aspect of life at present.

I had waited until today to update you as we anticipated an SQA update last night. Clearly discussions are ongoing as this did not materialise; there will be something before Friday I am informed.

There continues to be a large amount of information circulating around a number of themes, I have tried to distil the most pressing below;

Scottish Qualifications Authority

As mentioned above. The latest statement is on their website https://www.sqa.org.uk/sqa/70972.html . We know there are no exams and there will be no more coursework uplifted. We are awaiting details on how pupils will be certificated. I will update you once this information becomes clearer to schools.

Online Learning and Easter

We have worked hard in strange times away from our ‘work space’ to provide tasks and activities on our website under the PUPILS section. We will continue to do what we can to develop this after we return from the Easter break.

It is important, especially after the emotionally draining last 2 weeks, that pupils and staff have time to recharge within the pandemic restrictions. With this in mind please note there will not be the same online learning contact during the Easter break, Teachers will not be ‘working’, they will be with their Families as we all look for ways to handle our current situation. After the Easter break we will resume the online platform relationships we have worked hard to establish over the last 2 weeks.

Edinburgh Learns Guidance

I have issued these pack of support before from The Council on our website. They are not exhaustive but are there to guide us as we aim to do our job for young people and their families from a changing landscape. The Parent version remains on our website under PARENT COUNCIL / INFO.

I will update you by tomorrow afternoon as we enter what we would normally call the Easter holiday….this year will be very different for us all.

Continue to follow the advice and take care of yourself and your family.

M. Irving

Head Teacher

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