This week has seen further announcements on various levels across Scotland, Edinburgh as we know remains in level 3 with the restrictions associated to that level. From a school perspective we have continued to progress in many aspects where we can virtually or in person.

Key points below;

Infection Control Steps

We continue to have a consistent expectation to the basic steps we know help mitigate the virus, thank you for echoing this at home;

Face coverings – continue to be worn by all of our Staff and S1-6 at various points through their day

2m – we keep this distance where possible

Hand hygiene – our stations remain available in every classroom and at entry / exit points

Wipe / Spary down – we use this after each lesson on high touch points

Start times

We want to try and keep learning time as normal as possible. For the last few weeks, all pupils have started at 8.30am. Now that we are in a weekly routine we want to reduce youngsters coming in late ‘after’ 8.30am if possible;

S1-3 arrive through the front door

S4-6 arrive through the side door

As we finalise cleaning for the day ahead, at present youngsters cannot be in school before 8.30am.

S3 Reports

These have been handed out this week to Pupils and it is hoped they trigger / begin positive supportive conversations at home. There is a clear relationship between Pupil-Home-School and positive outcomes for young adults. If you need any support or want to discuss a report please email us a and we can direct your email to the colleague best placed to support you.

Our Cafeteria

Our Catering Team work hard every week to provide a wide variety of options for pupils to choose from at break and lunch. There are hot and cold options available. As we enter the colder months the kitchen team will keep putting on offers including subs, sandwiches, soup, main meals all produced to health regulation standards. Our cafe is popular and we hope this continues.

As a cashless school the use of ParentPay is needed, our records show that almost all Parents have this set up which is positive. If you need help setting up ParentPay our office team are happy to help if they can, email .

S4,5,6 Parents’ Eve last night

Thank you to all Staff and Parents who worked hard at making our face to face online Parent Eve work. As before there were some examples of a great / smooth experience and other examples which were less successful. If we could we made a voice call to provide some verbal feedback which we hoped helped.

If you did not receive feedback from particular subjects / teachers then please email us at  and we will ensure you receive an update by call / email.

S4,5,6 – Assessment Window 1

This begins after next week on Nov 30th. As in last weeks post we have many after school revision / support clubs in place in person or online to help preparations. This marks the beginning of pupils and teachers working together to gather work which best demonstrates their outcomes in a valid, fair and proportionate way.

We will keep updating pupils and families as and when required through next week.

Have a good weekend from all at Leith Academy.

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