This week has reminded us starkly that we must continue to take all the steps we can to manage Covid19 in our community. We will not remove Covid alone, but we can take steps to help. Some of these steps as we know are;

-Coverings, hand san, 2m distance from adults

-Home test kits, please collect, use and record results

-Use of wipe downs, one way systems, outside doors to exit

-Breaks and lunches outside to avoid crowds where possible

With all close contacts now having to test, inevitably this will present more asymptomatic positives, so all of the above is vital to our school and wider community. We have worked hard to move quickly and safely with pupils and parents by informing close contacts early and beginning isolating in line with Govt advice. Thank you for all you are doing to support this, we know it’s challenging.

Tuesday – Tuesday next week is an additional assessment day fro Secondary Teachers from Scottish Govt. Secondary pupils do not come to school. We look forward to seeing them Wednesday.

Active Schools – please find attached an update for Parents from the Active Schools Team.

Win us £5000!! – Follow this link, thanks to the English Team for highlighting….  Win £5,000 of National Book Tokens for your school

With some of the worst weather we’ve seen during a summer term, we hope you get the right gear on and enjoy the long weekend.

Leith Academy

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