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Live N Learn

All of our S4’s had a session from Jen at where the pupils worked on having a positive mindset. Breaking study and revision into manageable steps. Understanding the importance of planning your week. The session was timed to link in to the upcoming prelims in Dec.


The timetable is live on our website and pupils are working hard to prepare for the assessments. These are not designed to ‘catch people out’ but are there to provide feedback to our seniors on ‘how am I doing?’ within their courses.

Truancy calls

We will be moving to an afternoon truancy call for Parents over the coming weeks. At present this happens in the morning only. Essentially Parents will receive a text message if they are ‘tbc’ when they should be in School.

We will keep Parents Pupils and Staff updated as we put this change in place over the coming weeks. In the meantime, please ensure your registers are taken on SEEMIS for all classes.

Big Leith Give Away #3

We are getting set for next Friday. Any donations you have that may be of use to Leith families will be gratefully received. With Christmas not far away, we are especially interested in wrapping paper, toys for the kids or tree decorations – for example.

If you can support us, and the community, please do.

Have a nice weekend when it comes.

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