Week one is complete of the summer term. There are several updates below linking to the position we are in now and also to some of the steps and plans we are discussing as a school as we move through the summer term.

Key points;


Please continue to check their website for updates. On the back of the latest update, we are now engaging as a staff group to discuss and share our professional judgements. This is a complex process which we as a school contribute to then SQA ultimately decide what mark is to be awarded once they reflect on the national picture / statistics / moderation. As ever we are working hard to look at each individual from a holistic viewpoint in order to provide fair and robust information to the SQA. Through all of these discussions our professional integrity will be our compass as is always the case when dealing with national assessment procedures.

New Timetable……new learning

Given the pandemic, this makes an extremely complicated task even more challenging. That said Ben Stewart (Depute Head Teacher, Timetabler) is working remotely across many individuals and teams of colleagues to get to a point where we feel it is appropriate to move young people towards an introduction to their new course work. There are many factors to consider here around equity of access, support required for new work, being in a position where ‘all’ subjects can make this move in some degree simultaneously, access to our school timetabling software system (only available in school) to name a few.

That said, we will keep our pupils and families informed over the coming weeks when we are in more advanced position here. Our normal transition to new learning is June, but we are working on possibilities around this date as we appreciate this will ‘kick start’ some intrinsic motivation for the final weeks, but there is a careful balance to be struck.

P7 into S1 Transition

We understand this will be an anxious time for our youngsters who are due to arrive. Rachel Watson (Depute Head Teacher) and our teams are working behind the scenes to put in place what we can within the restrictions we are under. The aim of this is to try and share with parents the information they would have had access to over the summer term in preparation for their S1 arrival. These plans are not exhaustive but include possibilities such as;

  • A virtual video of the parent meeting shared online
  • Key information from presentations shared online
  • Beginning to plan for S1 classes as we receive info from P7 colleagues
  • Welcome letter and pack of key information

We will do all we can to provide the information we think you need, it may not be in person this year but we will endeavour to find creative ways of sharing this across our P7 Cluster.

Digital Survey

Edinburgh Council have asked all schools to survey all children / families to establish some key info on access to wifi, access to a device and therefore access to some remote learning. Ms Watson sent the survey by email – it is very short but provides useful information for us to plan support.

One return is required per family, please check with your child this has been done…if not please complete as soon as you can.

Positive Destinations

We are working with our partners to ensure that every pupil who leaves us goes into a positive next step, this can be into learning, employment, study, apprenticeship or other pathway. If your youngster intends to leave it is important they speak with their House Head or Skills Development Scotland www.skillsdevelopmentscotland.co.uk to help plan.

For those planning Higher Education (University)….


UCAS have provided a statement on their website stating that the grades awarded by SQA will be equally as valid as those in previous years and that there is no reason for the usual admissions cycle to be disrupted. Universities UK has confirmed that institutions will be flexible and do all they can to support learners to progress to higher education if this is their intended positive destination.

Personal Development Award

We offer an ever increasing range of courses through our subject choice. Last year we piloted this course through our EIF Residency and it was very successful at Lev4, Lev5 and Lev6 (=N4, N5, Higher). See below details;

Are you going into 5th or 6th year? Want to gain a unique qualification with the International Festival, gaining workplace experience, developing your own projects, and making your CV really stand out in a crowd? Speak to your House Head about the Personal Development Award: Festival Resident for info on how to apply for this amazing opportunity!

Maximise – support for Families

Our partners at Maximise help support many families across Edinburgh over a range of themes linked to benefit entitlement, financial support and domestic utility management to name a few areas. Please see further info on our website here https://leithacademy.uk/parent-council/support-for-families/

Finally, my thanks to all of you for the juggling you are doing between your domestic situation and your professional / personal life. Never have these two been so intertwined and it is a challenge.

I continue to monitor closely developments across all Govt lines and will keep you updated as and when I receive information which I feel may be of use.

If possible try to enjoy the weekend sun which is forecast…..and we will keep in touch over next week.

Mike Irving

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