With 10 working days to go until the Easter break, it has been another busy, intense but productive week in School.……the sun has helped.

Covid – New guidelines will be released to schools for post Easter, these are moving towards a ‘living with covid’ position involving many activities, events and services coming back into place with sensible steps highlighted around infection control, hand hygiene, ventilation.

A letter from Prof Jason Leitch to all Families is below;

HPV Vaccinations – In preparation for the HPV Vaccinations in May, NHS Child Health will visit Leith Academy next week. This will be to give pupils who have not already returned their consent forms the opportunity to self consent for this important vaccination. Please discuss this with your child at home. If this is something they would like to do they will be given the opportunity to fill in a self consent form for the vaccination that will take place in May. If you have any questions or need support, email Admin@leith.edin.sch.uk .

S4,5,6 SQA – With 10 school days to go before Easter, every hour counts where our young adults should attend, ask questions and seek support on an areas they feel they need to improve prior to their assessment. our after school revision sessions are also a great help, see website pages for details or speak to staff.

Then we move into our Easter revision offer which has already received large amounts of interest with staff able to deliver many sessions across the curriculum to support.

Every pupil gets a ‘My Exams’ booklet, this has been printed off and will be issued via their Key Adult (8.30am start).

S4-6 Track 3 Reports – The final reports for the S4,5,6 are being emailed to Families today. This is the most up to date information on progress / evidence and expected outcomes for our youngsters as they enter the final weeks of preparation. Take time to talk over at home and help plan the coming weeks revision / focus to help make step by step gains. IF YOU DON’T RECEIVE a report, email the School on Admin@leith.edin.sch.uk as a priority to ensure we update your email address and send the report.

S4,5,6 Final Day plans for those leaving – Details will be provided from the Council nearer the time, but to help with planning, the dates at present are noted below in draft;

April 8th –                                         Easter holiday begins

Monday 25th –                                All S1-6 pupils return

Monday 25th at 3.16pm –            Exam leave begins for S4 who meet the Council criteria (details to come) and all S5

Tuesday 26th –                                S6 Final Day breakfast / farewell speech until 11am. Then their exam leave begins

Supporting Ramadan – As we approach Ramadan, we will continue to support young people and their families through this period. Edinburgh Council has released Guidance for Schools below, to help.

Rugby Festival – We were once again able to say the word Festival this week as our S3 kicked off Scottish Rugby Schools week, what a great event in the Sunshine of Leith. See Twitter @leithacademy for great pictures!

12 of our Equalities Ambassadors went to Lorne Primary School yesterday as culture carriers to help the P4,5’s to develop their understanding of tolerance, respect and diversity within our community. They were outstanding! See Twitter @leithacademy for great pictures.

We’re on the 10 day count down, it’s a high stakes 10 days for the youngsters and their futures in some cases. The joined up support of Family, School, youngster has a great impact, thank you for that.

Enjoy the weather this weekend if possible.

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