As we move out of January some key points below;

We need support! Hello, Leithers! 

If you live / work / study in Leith than you are eligible to vote in the Leith Chooses community ballot. 

We have an application with SHE Scotland Empower women and young girls | Edinburgh | SHE Scotland to come in and do some work with our young people here at Leith Academy. We would appreciate if you vote for us via this link –

The voting is straight forward, and you can vote for three projects so have a read of the project summaries before you submit (this is given to you before you cast your vote).

Thanks all! Share as needed.

Parent Council – We had a busy and very positive meeting last night with Parent Council members. Minutes to follow with some positive actions and also some bids accepted to support our young people in their learning across a range of areas!

Austrian visit – We had 14 colleagues from Austria visit us at Leith as we showcased some of our Digital Learning work with presentations from Ms Watson, Ms Sievwright and some our youngsters who did a brilliant job!

S4,5,6 Track 2 Report – Following completion and quality assuring, these are being issued directly to Families, who will have them over the course of today / Monday. The reports should trigger Family discussions involving home / school so we can help plan support steps for the coming weeks. If you have any questions email .

School Trips – We all value the experience that trips can bring to the learning experience and it has been encouraging over recent months to see our trips across the City and beyond increase. All trips and excursions now work alongside recently developed guidelines from the Local Authority, following the pandemic. These guidelines are important from a managing risk perspective for local city wide trips, but especially for more extensive overnight or international trips. At Leith we continue to look at all trip bids that come in from our colleagues and partners and where appropriate, look to ensure these events meet the requirements outlined by Edinburgh Council and therefore enhance the learning experience for those youngsters involved.

F1 Raffle – Team Vortex (Leith Academy’s Professional Class F1 in Schools Team) are holding a raffle to fundraise for their UK National Final in March! Our prizes include a nights stay for 2 at Fonab Castle, with dinner, breakfast and bed, an official Lamborghini Model Urus, 2 Tickets to a Hibernian Football Match and many more! To see all 15 prizes, check our poster below. 

If you would like to enter please click this link, fill in your name, email and number of tickets, and once submitted, click the link that pops up to pay. Thank you for taking the time to read, and we hope to see as many of you entering as possible!

Hoping you have a nice weekend as we enter the 10 working day countdown to half term.

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