Pupils, Parent, Partners and all Stakeholders,

We have come to the end of the school year and there has never been one like it. The announcements over the last few days have obviously had a significant impact on previous planning up to that point. The support from Staff, Parent Council and all our partners has been fantastic as we have adapted.

On a pleasant note, we normally have our Evening of Celebration but it is another casualty of the pandemic. That said we have some historic awards we wanted to mark in some way…..well done to all! See our brief video of celebration

I want to thank you for all the positive and grateful messages you have sent the senior team and I, but this was a team effort like never before. If it wasn’t for the many home offices, home classrooms, home sandpits, home break times……maybe even the odd home duty officer we would not have managed to support as many young people from Leith as we did. Thank you Parents for doing all you could to bridge the gap that ‘not being in school with a teacher’ clearly creates.

The virus continues to be a challenge, and we must not forget the direct loss, sadness and despair that some are feeling as a result of Covid19 either through having lost someone or having been placed in a terribly vulnerable economic position as a result of the pandemic.

But through the food parcels, the online tasks, the phone calls, the provision of iPads and paper-packs – we have tried to make a bad situation a bit more bearable.

I hope you and your Family can have some sort of Summer holiday, we’ll need to be match fit on return that is for sure. The latest update I have is that the Education Recovery Group (ERG) which is chaired by John Swinney has said they will confirm final details of the ‘current position’ by July 31st to Schools and Families.  The link to the Govt statement is here https://www.gov.scot/news/education-recovery-group/ .

This means either;

-we remain as is planned with a full return for all pupils. Distancing, shielding and other factors will be updated to all in advance

-or we revert back to the contingency plan of ‘part occupancy’ if the virus has not suppressed as is hoped by Govt

If we are returning at a full capacity, I will seek guidance on being able to ‘stagger’ Wed 12th August to allow the S1/2’s to come in first, then the S3-6 during the rest of the day. This will help us settle the new S1’s and take care of some orientation messages, class info and timetables for example; I will confirm details for the first few days once I can. We will support all pupils and staff through the first few days, whatever plan we go with.

Given we are now planning for a full return, we have been working up our 20/21 Calendar, this is in draft but will firm up in August. There is a Parent friendly version on the website https://leithacademy.uk/calendar/ . If you are unsure please also refer to the council website for ‘term dates 2020/21’.

Thank you for the support you have given us this summer term. We have been ‘joint partners’ in the education of children more than ever before. We will return to the mighty Leith Academy in August.

Have a well-deserved summer break.

Mike Irving

Head Teacher

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