As we enter December next week here are some key updates for below;

Set the clock!

A reminder we start at 8.30am for all pupils. Please work to meet this time and arrive ‘for’ 8.30am as we cannot let pupils in earlier than this due to Covid restrictions. Thank you.

Fogging deep clean

We are planned for a deep clean fogging procedure tomorrow, Saturday. This is a monthly process across all Council Schools and is a further mitigation to the steps we normally take around coverings, hands, 2m, wipe downs, one way and so on.

Parent Council Meeting

We had a positive and useful Parent Council meeting this week past (Wednesday). As ever the relationship and support between the School and the Parent Council is greatly appreciated and has a positive impact on young people.

Assessment Window

This begins on Monday and lasts for 2 weeks. Pupils have been provided information via video, through their Key Adult and through forms / paper timetables for them to complete.

This is the 1st of 2 windows, we want all youngsters to do the best they can and build on this as we enter 2021.

Christmas Jumper

The 11th December is national jumper day and we will be raising funds to support a wide range of projects. Get the date in your diary. Christmas in Schools will regrettably not be the same for 2020, but steps like these will hopefully help to create a safe atmosphere.

Anne Frank work

In RMPS our 3rd Year elective class are currently taking part in a virtual project called ‘My Story’ provided by the Anne Frank Trust. As part of this, the class had the privilege to take part in an Anti-Bullying week event: Free To Be : Anti-Semitism: In conversation with Eva Schloss. The pupils found the talk given by Eva Schloss to be truly inspirational. Eva Schloss, a Holocaust survivor in her 90s, is the ‘step-sister’ of Anne Frank as after the war her mother married Otto Frank the only surviving member of the Frank family. Our plan is for the 3rd year pupils to create a presentation about Anne Frank and Eva Schloss which will eventually be shown to our 2nd Year pupils.

Have a good weekend from all at Leith Academy.

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