As we enter June we are taking the final steps in our assessment window in terms of looking at progress and supporting any follow up work with our young adults. We are also taking the first steps in getting ready for our new timetable due to start in a few weeks; busy as ever.

Some key points;

Uniform – Thank you for the ongoing support on this. We’re trying to keep it simple as our PE changing rooms remain out of action;

-if you have PE come dressed suitably for activity / sport

-if you don’t have PE be in our uniform of shirt, Leith tie, trousers / skirt / black footwear

Vaccination Program – Scottish Govt have asked us to share the information that 30-39yr olds are now in the position to be vaccinated. Letter will arrive or call 0800 030 8013 for info.

Leavers last day – see Ms Watson’s email we sent to families this week. Some pupils in S4,5,6 who are planning to leave will have completed their assessments and can request a leavers form from the office, others are ‘tidying up’ some assessments. June 11th is our diary date where all leavers are processed into destinations as our new TimeTable starts the following Monday 14th all being well.

S1 Parents’ Eve – Thanks for the feedback following our final online Parents’ eve last night. It has certainly presented some challenges and ups and downs for us all to navigate! Thank you for persevering with us as we look to find covid solutions.

Parent Council AGM – This is next Thursday as we support and thank Parents for their help through a year in schools like no other. Laura Brown, Chair has sent an email to Families.

INTERNATIONAL research – We have been invited onto an international research project looking at how we support youngsters from different countries into our Schools. Scotland, Finland, Germany and Norway all feature in this study. Families from S2 and S3 got an email with some info and a consent form to complete. For others interested, the research site can be found here Teaching that Matters for Migrant Students – Teaching that Matters for Migrant Students (

Have a great weekend.

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