As we enter the bank holiday weekend into May many of us will enjoy the easing of restrictions. That said, we are aware that colleagues across the country are still working through outbreaks and isolation periods. Though we cannot remove Covid, the steps we are taking will hopefully help us in managing situations in as positive a way as possible.

Usual steps of hands, masks and space will continue. Break and lunch outside helps us to avoid crowds where possible and allow pupils to get some fresh air.

Some key points;

Assessment window / SQA

Our staff are continuing with the ongoing work as we continue to develop assessments as we kick off Window 2 next week. Ms Watson has sent out the details by email, including a video assembly which was shown to all pupils yesterday (Thursday) and can be viewed here;

The link

Inevitably there will be tweaks as we travel through the window, but we will work through these tweaks with pupils and staff – don’t panic, we can make our own local adjustments as needed.

S6 Final Steps

We are aware that as we enter the assessment window, for a small number of our S5 and all S6 (S4 stay until May 31st but they are small in number) their assessments will one of the final things they do in school. With reference to ‘leaving dates’ a pupil who has completed their assessments can;

-Speak to their House Head to request a leavers form, once agreed by Family

-Have completed relevant work, including a lit and num qualification if not already done

-Return iPad, cables, any school resources

-Have this signed by relevant staff

NOTE – The School may need to get in touch with Pupils / Families in the event that they are required to complete further assessments to support them gaining their most positive outcomes.

Teams (Teaching that Matters for Migrant Students) Research invite

Linked to our value of Diversity, we have been invited as a school to participate in an international study on the experiences of youngsters / colleagues from differing countries in our School. The work is being led by Dr Natasa Pantic. It will involve our views as a staff / pupil group and will help shape their international findings. More details to come, the website is here .

Home Test Kits

We showed this video in key adult today , we will continue to encourage S1-6 to take home test kits, complete them and record on the National database to help the wider pandemic work. Please continue to have these reinforcing conversations at home to help aid our steps out of the pandemic.

Developing the Young Workforce DYW

At Parent Council this week Seonaid Gow (our DYW co-ordinator) delivered an interesting update for Parents on how we can help our pupils access the next step into the world of work, some useful links are below; (DYW parents section of the website) (Marketplace where parents can sign up to opportunities from employers)

Sign up to DYW Parents mailer

Message from Police Scotland

Police Scotland have asked Schools to share the letter below, please have a discsussion as a Family to help support with this.

We hope you all enjoy the Bank Holiday Monday, Tuesday is an In Service for Staff, Pupils return on Wednesday. Please arrive at your staggered time as per previous weeks to help with entry / corridor flow.

Have a great weekend.

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