This has been a particularly busy week with updates and developments, Edinburgh as you know is in Level 3 of the latest Govt thresholds. It will be useful to familiarise yourself and your family the implications around this Govt based level.

I have highlighted some points I think are of interest to Pupils and Families;


Thank you for the Parental support around pupils arriving with coverings, using hand sanitising stations and keeping 2m distance. These remain crucial.

THE GOVT ANNOUNCED TODAY that as we are a Level 3 area, all S4,5,6 pupils and Staff must wear coverings during lessons as well as travelling round school.


As part of our safety steps we are due to have a deep clean ‘fogging’ session this Sunday. This occurs every 4 weeks in Schools and is a further level in mitigating Covid risk.

SQA Updates

As a staff team we are developing our plans for the December ‘Assessment Window’ which we knew previously as Prelims. We will keep pupils in S4,5,6 and families updated of developments.

Head and Depute Head Pupils

Following a high quality selection process we are delighted to share this photo of our Head pupil Team.

Kerr and Sal – Head Pupils

Ellie and Cameron – Depute Head Pupils

All will work with our S6 Team and our Prefect team across year 20/21 on some exciting initiatives and activities!

Parents’ Eve this week

We will progress with our next S4,5,6 Parents’ Eve on Wednesday using the online system many schools are piloting across the City / Country. Information has been sent to Parents on next steps, if you are unsure please email and we will support you. We continue to learn and develop working in this way, but hopefully this will provide some feedback for you face to face of progress.

S3 Track Reports

Our S3 Track 1 reports are being checked by Heads of Depts and are due to be issued w/c 9 November. You can view our Parent calendar dates on our website.

Teams 2 way video link

Edinburgh Council has now approved the use of 2 way video to support Teams discussions between Teacher and pupil. This is a positive step which may become more prominent and useful in the future. There are clear rules and guidelines to follow as we do in our workplaces. The guide for Parents and the guide for pupils is attached below, please take time to read over. This does not mean we move to a full package of online video lessons, but it does open the possibility of 2 way video discussions in a range of settings that will help support young people and staff.

Remembrance / Poppy appeal 2020

Our Nov11th event is always a powerful feature in our calendar. This year we are working with Poppy Scotland to support them online in a Covid friendly way. Our Prefect Team are working on plans to deliver their thoughts / presentations linked to their own experiences whilst remembering those from before.

The link to donate and get involved is here;


We are moving towards a position of being able to offer additional curricular activities across the week, such as study support. Clearly this has to be carefully planned and in line with Covid protocols in order to track / trace. Ms Watson is pulling together the offer we will have across the School to help pupils plan their revision work in the run up to assessments.

This type of activity will be monitored in line with Govt level protocols as Edinburgh progresses through the winter.

So a busy week as you will see with some of the updates noted above. Despite the ever changing Covid guidelines we are all working hard at ensuring our pupils continue to learn and achieve outcomes.

Have a good weekend.

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