As we complete the first week in June, here are some key updates from this week;

SQA Update – There have been several updates over the past few weeks as we come to the end of our assessing phase and are now working through the marking. There was also an update on the appeals process from the SQA. The best way to gain the correct information is through their website Appeals 2021 – Information for learners – SQA .

Covid Tests – keep picking up your boxes and taking your test x2 per week as this helps us all protect each other.

Head Pupils / Prefects 21/22 – This exciting process is now underway, emails have been sent to the S6 group and we will work through the process over the coming weeks.

Leith Links Development – see the update below we were asked to share;

“We are currently working on a proposal to create an arboretum at the east and of Leith Links and wondered if you would be able to share the details with the school and the parents/guardians of the children that attend. We have produced a electronic poster which is attached and have some detailed plans on our Web-site in the link below with a survey anyone can take to share their views.”

Survey –

Kind regards

Ross Woodside | Head of Operations | Edinburgh & Lothians Greenspace Trust
Tel: 0131 445 4025 Mob: 07539 226 669 |
Swanston Steading, 109/11 Swanston Road, Edinburgh EH10 7DS

Young Scot – Young people can apply for a young Scot Card which entitles them to a variety of offers and discounts. The link is here for Parents to support their application

Mobiles – Please continue to have discussions at home that help support our positive use of devices policy. We completely understand tech can enhance learning, but there are times we need ‘don’t’ need the phones / tech as part of the learning. Our link is here Mobile Phone & GDPR Policy – ( . Thank you echoing our message.

We hope you have a good weekend.

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