A fairly short week this week and since our last update there isn’t too much ‘new’ to share. As we enter the first week of our assessment window, some key points of info are below;

Covid Steps – All of our usual steps will remain in place next week and our staggered times will be the same to help prevent crowding and gathering where possible.

Assessment window

We are now three days into this important time, thank you for the planning and preparations that have to go into this. It’s clear the youngsters want to do well and they are investing a lot of emotional and mental energy into it, as we would expect. We are doing all we can to support them in ‘keeping the balance’ right.

Developing the Young Workforce – further to our update last week please find below a link to an intro video from our Seonaid Gow, our DYW co-ordinator, we hope this is useful for Parents and Pupils. The video is here .

We hope you have a good weekend.

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