With 1 week to go till the half term, some key points below for Families;

S1 iPads – These have been rolled out all week, thanks to staff and Parents / Families for helping youngsters adjust to their new ‘kit’! Please ensure the devices are charged and ready to be used to enhance learning.

S1 Settling in Parents’ evening – This is on Thursday and will be in person for the first time since before the pandemic. Emails have been sent to Families to book your slot and our S1 settling in reports have also been emailed home. Look over these as a Family and discuss what is going well, if there are any questions please contact the school on Admin@leith.edin.sch.uk

Anti Bullying – Every school and community works with young people to learn and develop their social skills. At times there can be challenges and tensions linked to relationship and we all, as adults, have a part to play in helping / supporting those involved. Below is a session aimed at Parents, if interested in this area;

Beat The Boredom – Following the success of the summer program, another camp is running in Oct, see below for details;

Have a nice weekend and we’ll see all youngsters on Monday for the final week of the half term.

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