Parents, Carers, Pupils and Families,

We have been adapting, planning and organising over the last few days. As ever with the pandemic the pace is frantic and challenging. We will keep you updated as matters develop, for now some key points to take us into next week;

Online learning update

Assembly Monday morning

Mr Irving, Head Teacher will begin our online learning offer with an assembly to all pupils on Monday morning through Teams, this will be recorded. Pupils will receive the link to the assembly on THEIR SCHOOL EMAIL ACCOUNT;

S1 S2 – start at 8.30am CAMERA and MIC off to prevent feedback

S3 S4 – start at 8.45am CAMERA and MIC off to prevent feedback

S5 S6 – start at 9am CAMERA and MIC off to prevent feedback

Families / Parents are welcome to join / listen to the assembly as we cover the plans outlined below. Due to the volume of people on each call we will be using School emails only.

Online learning

As we enter our second full national lockdown this remains a very challenging position for us all to not be in our work, our classrooms, our schools as we normally are. The over riding message is STAY AT HOME if at all possible.

We will continue to plan work for our pupils using Microsoft Teams, all pupils have been shown how to use Teams, but if you need help please email and we will support.

As Teachers we of course are also parents / family carers, so we are making plans which we hope provide flexibility to try and support our pupils, families and staff for what we hope is a shorter period of lockdown than before. This is being reviewed by the First Minister, Nicola Sturgeon on Jan 18.

Our Hub provision is ongoing for those families where there is no alternative child care, the need for support is acute and both Parents have clear Key Worker status.

As before, we understand young adults can sometimes work at different times of the day, often late at night! Please understand that Teachers will not be in a position to respond to emails late at night, but will endeavour to get back to you as soon as they can.

Similar to March / Apr / May last year, the work we put on Teams is for young people to attempt and try to work through, there will be ‘check in’ sessions available from Teachers. Our pupils will be notified of these slots / times through their Teams groups / pages. these slots are already beginning to be planned and sent to pupils.

From there we hope some form of routine can be developed where there is periods of work and break times away from screen – this is important.

Our plan will continue to evolve as we travel through the weeks of online support / learning.


Given the recent developments, SQA are working through what this will look like for young adults. We will keep you updated as soon as we have developments, for now it is important to work through the tasks and activities online.

S3 iPads

We have taken delivery of our iPads for S3. Important documentation has been sent by Ms Watson to all families. Please read carefully with your child and follow any guidance / instructions outlined. We are planning to issue iPads over the coming days / weeks.

S2 into S3 Choice

This is an extremely busy period in Secondary schools ordinarily, especially centred around pupil course choice and selection of subjects for the following year. Despite Covid, we are determined to do all we can to maintain timelines and offer support to young people in planning their next steps.

As per our calendar of events . Next Thursday 14th January is our S2 into S3 info evening for Parents of children in S2. We will run this session using a link that Parents click and they can view the presentation and support from Mr Stewart. The link will be sent to Parent email addresses early next week.

We have come into 2021 at a frantic pace and it is no understatement to say that lockdown and Covid fatigue are playing their part, that said, we will continue to work together; staff, pupils, families to help and support the young people of Leith.

Have a good weekend.

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