Pupils in new S2, new S3 and all PE/HE SQA classes are now on Teams with their teachers. If you can access Teams but cannot find the class please email and I will enter you in it. If you selected the following subjects on your timetable this year, there are now Teams for them:-

  • S2 HE
  • S2 PE
  • S3 PE
  • S3 Elective PE
  • S3 Dance
  • S3 Elective HE
  • N4/5 Early Learning and Childcare
  • National 4 Hospitality
  • National 5 Hospitality
  • N5/H Health and Food Technology
  • National 4 PE
  • National 5 PE
  • Higher PE
  • Sport and Recreation Level 5
  • Exercise and Fitness Level 6
  • SQA Leadership Level 6
  • Advanced Higher PE