We hope you had an enjoyable break last week. Today our staff were working on plans and details linked to our ongoing recovery.

We have a big half term coming up, normally filled with presentations, concerts, parents’ eve and prelim assessments – all of which we are rethinking in line with National and Council advice linked to Covid safety.

Here are some key points and reminders for our return tomorrow;

Safety Steps – we will continue with our safety steps. Please have a face covering, good hand hygiene, keep distance where possible. THANK YOU to Parents in recognising symptoms, keeping your child off school and booking a test – this helps prevent transmission.

Parents’ Eve – we are working through the planning for our next online Parents’ Eve for Wednesday 4th November. This continues to be new for us and for you as Parents. We will keep you updated over the coming days with steps you need to take in order to book slots.

Staggered start change

AS OF TOMORROW – Tuesday 27th Oct;

  • S1-3 should arrive between 8.25am – 8.30am THROUGH THE FRONT DOOR
  • S4-6 should arrive at 8.30am THROUGH THE SIDE DOOR

Uniform – as before, if you have PE you can arrive in suitable and appropriate sports wear. If you don’t have PE please wear our Leith Academy uniform as normal.


We are continuing to receive information from the SQA on how we plan for the coming months. Ms Watson will provide a video update for our S4,5,6 tomorrow. Given there are no exams for N5 and there ‘may’ be exams for Higher and Adv  Higher some key points are becoming important;

  • Pupils and Teachers will work closely together to support the ‘predicted’ grade is more important than ever
  • Pupils being in class, asking questions, listening to feedback will be crucial
  • We will have assessment windows for pupils to help them gather evidence at key points over the coming months, this will be well agreed / communicated over coming weeks

Working together will provide the best chance of our young adults achieving the outcomes they hope for.

See you tomorrow, from all at Leith Academy

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