Update on returning to School

Dear Pupils and Parents,

We finished the week at full occupancy with a staggered entry and staggered exit. We will continue with this approach next week with details below, to help us control the flow in and out of the building at any one time.

We have created ‘Think L.E.I.T.H’ to help us all as we return;

L – keep left in large corridors

E – have Empathy for others, this is a challenging time for all

I – Instructions must be followed, even more so than ever

T – Two meter distance between adults-adult and adult -pupil is crucial and must be adhered to

H – Hand hygiene is paramount. Use the hand sanitisers, keep hands clean, do not touch face

Please read the points carefully below as there have been some additions and updates to the original post.

Social distance, behaving responsibly in light of the pandemic and one way systems are ways to help us all deal with our recovery. We have created a small video to help you familiarise https://clickv.ie/w/GGco . We hope it is useful.

Our plan for Monday and Tuesday next week at Leith Academy is as follows;

S1 8.30am front door

S2 8.35am side door

S3 8.40am front door

S4 8.45am side door

S5/6 8.50am front or side door

We will exit year groups from 3pm onwards. S1 will remain until our usual time of 3.16pm.

S1          3.16pm exit

S2          3pm exit

S3          3.05pm exit

S4          3.10om exit

S5/6      3.16pm exit 

Council website FAQ’s can be found here https://www.edinburgh.gov.uk/schools-learning/returning-school-august-2020/1

Lunch – We are a cashless school and payment must be via Parent Pay. S1 remain in school where possible (this will be reviewed with Parents informed). There will be a basic menu available from our canteen in our initial days. Packed lunches are acceptable and encouraged where possible. Further details on catering and lunch will continue to be shared.

S2-S6 as usual can chose from…..staying in school for lunch, go home for lunch, bring a packed lunch, or use the community (following the guidelines) and must hand sanitise on return.

Timetables – Pupils now have their timetable, if not we will work on that next week. The way we make timetable changes has had to change, Mr Stewart will continue to work through change requests where we can. Please email Admin@leith.edin.sch.uk with your request and Mr Stewart will look into this for you. This is always a busy time for school timetablers so please be patient.

Face Coverings – at present face coverings are not mandatory in schools though the Scottish Govt and Edinburgh Council will monitor this. Face coverings have become part of our society over recent months. They are welcomed at Leith Academy if people feel more secure wearing one. Any pupil or member of staff can wear a face covering in an appropriate way if they feel more comfortable doing so.

Distancing – this is an extremely important time for us all. We will put in steps such as one way systems where possible. Pupils and young adults must maintain a 2m distance from all adults and also take a mature approach on how they engage with their peers.

Hygiene – hand sanitisers will be available across the school estate. At entry / exit points and other points where required. Hand washing will be available in some areas and in our toilets as usual. Our young adults must take a sensible and mature approach to their hand hygiene and avoid touching their face as per guidance we are familiar with.

School Bags / Equip – bags must contain only essential materials at first and any items such as pencils must not be shared. Bags must be kept with each individual at all times.

Parent access – as you would expect, access to schools is going to be extremely restricted in order to keep all users as safe as possible. Please use our email account to contact the school and we can direct you question to the relevant person. Travelling to and from Leith, if possible should involve walking or cycling. Where cars or public transport is needed, pupils should follow the ScotGov protocol for transport and cars could perhaps help by dropping off away from school and allowing the final stage of the journey to be walked.

We will continue to keep you informed when we have updates.

Have a good weekend.

Mike Irving

Head Teacher

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