Head’s News 27 Jan 2023 - 27th Jan, 2023

Another busy week with our Cultural dress day today at Leith Academy. We also have our Big Leith Give Away this afternoon where families can come and see what is available and offer to them, for free. Key updates; Big Leith Give Away for Families this afternoon – Family Engagement – We had an excellent […]

Head’s News 20 Jan 2023 - 20th Jan, 2023

Another busy week in Leith with some key points below; S2 Parents Eve – The feedback from the online evening was that broadly speaking connectivity was a more positive experience for most. If you were unable to speak with staff about progress and next steps, please email us at Admin@leith.edin.sch.uk and we will direct your […]

Head’s News 13 Jan 2023 - 13th Jan, 2023

Our first full week back of 2023 and it was busy with events, assemblies, Parent info sessions and all the energy of a working week! Key points; Industrial Action – We are hopeful a deal is agreed as soon as possible with Govt and Union officials. The next planned strike day that impacts Edinburgh is […]

Head’s News 6 Jan 2023 - 6th Jan, 2023

Welcome back to all young people, families, partners and staff as we return for 2023. Our vision statement at Leith is Success in Learning for All and we hope our young people with support from those around them will reach the goals they aim for! Some key points; Possible Strike Action – Discussions are ongoing […]