Head’s News 26 May 2023 - 26th May, 2023

As we enter June whilst coming to the end of the SQA assessment season next week, we look towards new timetables, new S1’s and new goals for the coming 23/24 year. Some key updates below; S1 Parents’ Eve – We had a very positive evening with Parents in person for the S1 Parents’ eve. The […]

Head’s News 19 May 2023 - 19th May, 2023

The Edinburgh Victoria Day holiday is this Monday with all pupils and staff returning on Tuesday. Some updates and key points below; Spring Fling 2023! Our annual spring concert was a great success last night with outstanding performances on the stage and behind the scenes. Well done to all the performers, Teachers and Music Instrumental […]

Head’s News 12 May 2023 - 12th May, 2023

We continue through May with our Team Vortex F1 in Schools program working their way through a line of cars in the car park raising funds and awareness. Details and pictures next week. For now some key points below; S1 Parents’ Eve 25th May, IN PERSON – We welcome our S1 Parents for an update […]

Head’s News 5 May 2023 - 5th May, 2023

Two short weeks with various events and holidays keep the pace of weeks fast as we enter May. Some key points and updates below; Leith Loves Learning Festival – Teaching staff had an excellent training morning of discussion, reflection and thinking about how we as Teachers can spend time developing aspects of our learning and […]