As we almost cross the line for the Easter break it has as ever, been busy on a number of fronts as we prepare for the return to Summer term. We hope the information below is useful, we have tried to keep the info simple and easy to understand for all where possible. Please take time to read through together.

Key points;

Return after Easter

As it stands the plans remain in place for a full return post Easter for all pupils and staff. Our mitigation steps will all remain in place with the 2m distance pupil: pupil no longer required following medical updates to Govt. Adults and pupils should continue to maintain 2m distance where possible.

Key points for all;

Staggered times – to help stagger the large crowds, see times attached for the week. We will review these week by week and share.

Key Adult – will only be on a Friday to begin with and will be extended until 9.10am (first week only then back to normal times). This allows some key contact with your key adult for important messages. Mon-Thurs there will be no Key Adult for now.

Uniform – after Easter pupils will be expected in our normal Leith School uniform. Please arrange this over the Easter break as youngsters may have outgrown their current uniform. If you have PE you can wear suitable PE clothing on that particular day.

Break / Lunch – will continue to be outside, Pupils have responded well to going outside for some fresh air and a walk during these times. It also provides a safer environment during non-lesson times from a transmission perspective. Any steps we can take will help.

Kitchen / Café – will be open post Easter for pupils to use sensibly as usual. Once you have your break / lunch you should move outside for air. We are a cashless school, pupils use their pins / ParentPay accounts as normal.

Coverings – continue to be worn by all Staff and Pupils at all times whilst in the building. Our young adults have handled this extremely well and are always well prepared as they arrive.

Hand sanitise – hand washing remains a clear preventative step. This will continue with Hand San stations in every entry / exit / class and area.

Wipe down – Staff and Pupils will work together to spray / wipe down work stations after each use.

Entry / Exit / one way – there will be our usual one-way systems to help flow. Pupils may also be asked to exit or enter through an external door to help reduce corridor flow.

Seating plans – these will be reinstated electronically and centrally as before. They will be key in supporting us through possible positive cases post Easter.

There will be other points, but I feel these are the main ones to help us maintain a supportive message for our community. Thank you for the ongoing positive discussions you are having at home to echo the importance of these steps in keeping us safe.

Letter from Council

Attached is a letter from the Council further explaining the SQA plans for post Easter. Similar to our assessment window 1 before Christmas, we plan to hold our second assessment window 2 on our return. Details below.

Assessment Window 2

To allow and support S4-6 pupils to demonstrate their knowledge and skills and to allow them further opportunities to generate evidence to support their provisional results we will run our second Assessment Window from Wednesday 5th May until Friday 28th May.  During the window all pupils who are studying a subject at the same level (ie Nat5, Higher or Adv H) will sit the same paper at the same time.  Some of these assessments will be longer in length than during the first window and pupils will complete these papers under SQA assessment conditions.  Further information on the timetable and how this will work will follow post Easter break.  It is important that pupils are talking to their teachers so they are aware of their steps for improvement and what to expect from the second window.  The assessments, alongside other work over this disjointed year will help pupils to build up the portfolio of their work from throughout this session.

Our overriding view is to support our young adults through the next term within the guidelines set out by the Scottish Govt and the SQA.

Added In Service Days

As noted in the letter from Council, the Scottish Govt has authorised 2 added In Service days to help staff mark and plan assessments for S4,5,6 pupils. All pupils are not in school on the following days;

  • May 25th & June 9th
  • These added days are for Secondary schools only, Primary schools remain open as normal.


Please continue to encourage test kits to be collected, refreshed and results recorded. Public Health have told us we (Pupils and Staff) are not to test in week 1 of the break, we should resume testing on week 2 in preparation of our return.

Easter Revision Plans

We are delighted that those staff who are able to offer support can help over 190 pupils during the Easter break. We know ‘covid’ plays its part but we felt it was important to offer something if we could. All pupils who have signed up with be emailed to their school account with the list of their sessions.  Please note the shutter will be down on the front of the school, so all pupils are to enter via the side door (janitors).

Thank you as ever for the messages and support coming in to the school. We hope you have a nice Easter break when it comes.

From all at Leith Academy.

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