We continue to work through our phased return. As much as it is really positive to have our schools feeling busier again, we must not take our eye off the mitigation ball in terms of hands, masks, 2m, wipe downs, one way, use of outdoors, use of home tests and any other steps we can take to help keep transmission down. Thank you to all pupils and their Families for echoing this message to each other.

This time next week is Good Friday and we look forward to a positive last final week, we finish on Thursday at 3.16pm.

Next week

We are repeating Week 2 next week, this is to meet the Govt guidance on prioritising S4,5,6 especially as we enter the final week before Summer term where assessments will begin to play their part. Thank you to our pupils and their families for the support and maturity that has been shown through the phased return, the masks, hand san, 2m, one ways and staggered timings have all helped. Regrettably, with their being no Friday, this was always going to be a tough decision as someone would miss some time, but the S4,5,6 need as much time as possible to prepare for post Easter.

Periods 1 to 4S4 , S5 and S6*S1S4, S5 and S6S3
Periods 5&6S3S4, S5 and S6S1S2

After Easter

The plan remains from Scottish Govt that there will be a full return post Easter. This is being carefully reviewed by Public Health professionals and we will update you with details next week.

S1-3 Home Covid Tests

The NHS / Govt home testing plan is being extended to S1-3 as well as S4-6 after the Easter break. A separate email has been sent to all S1-3 Families with key information.

Make a note

As per this week, all pupils in school should ‘make a note’ of any person (first name / surname) they have been with where they were unable to maintain distance. This is not required for lessons as pupils are sat separately. It is required for social times, for example. Use you device or other form to make the note and keep it safe.

HPV injections

HPV vaccination consent forms have been posted this week and should be with you shortly. We have been advised by NHS Lothian that these have to be returned to the school by 1st of April. We appreciate the very tight timescale but this is when the completed and returned forms will be collected from the School. Unfortunately, at the moment, on the day of vaccination the vaccination team will be unable to see those with late forms or self consenting pupils.  This is due to the amount of pupils the team will be trying to reach post COVID lockdown. 

The dates for Leith Academy have recently been changed by NHS Lothian from 25th & 26th May 2021 and are now going to take place on 01st & 2nd September 2021.  

Bus disorder

Please see attached information from Police Scotland to help keep people safe as they travel.

As we approach the final week before the Summer term well done for the continued efforts.

Have a good weekend.

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