As we complete August and enter September our pupils and staff continue to work within the new expectations and restrictions we have in place. Continued thanks to all for supporting ‘Think LEITH’ and taking the steps we need to keep our return as safe as we can.

Some key points below;

Letters for Parents

Through this week there have been updates from the council on a variety of issues, you can find the letter here . The NHS also wrote to Parents this week which was sent out earlier in the week, this letter is attached.

Staggered Times for next week

We are making some slight changes to our staggered times for next week. Please see below and arrive at the time indicated;

Start of day

S1                         8.30am (front door)

S2                         8.30am (side door)

S3                         8.30am (front door)

S4                         8.40am (side door)

S5/6                     8.40am (front or side door)

End of day

S1          3.16pm normal time

S2          3pm

S3          3.05pm

S4          3.10pm

S5/6      3.16pm normal time

End of day FRIDAY

S1          12.51pm normal time

S2          12.35pm

S3          12.40pm

S4          12.45pm

S5/6      12.51pm normal time


Following the First Minister’s announcement, all adults and young people in Secondary will wear a face covering when travelling around school. It is not required for lessons (though you can wear if preferred). Those with health conditions preventing a covering should inform the school via their child’s House Head or the School office on .


To help get to know our S1 better, we are progressing with School photos on Monday. We have risk assessed with the photographer and created an outside plan. The weather forecast is good. Details from Ms Watson can be found here .

Pupil Info

It is vital we have your correct info / address / email / mobile in the event we need to contact you or share information. If you have returned your form (especially new S1) thank you, if you are yet to return please do so as soon as possible.

PE Kit plan

We continue to support a flexible plan linked to Covid19 and the participation of PE. It is vital our pupils get the chance to be active outdoors whenever possible. That said, please can pupils consider carefully what is appropriate not only for PE but for the remainder of the day in lessons. See note below from our PE Team;

‘Pupils are to come to school in PE kit if they have PE that day on their timetable (apart from s1/4/6 this Monday when they have photographs). Pupils should not wear club football strips (School of Football is ok) and pupils should also not be wearing revealing clothes such as vest tops and cropped tops. A change of footwear and a water proof is strongly advised on wet days. Thanks to the huge majority of pupils who are following these guidelines whilst we await permission for the use of changing rooms. The PE department are thoroughly enjoying having you all back despite the rainy weather!’

We hope you have a good weekend.

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