Another busy and positive week at Leith as we continue to support young people. Govt guidelines continue to be in place for Schools and these guides differ to that of society spaces, this is under ongoing review with Scot Govt, especially as we see the weather changing with Autumn.

Key points-

-Hello Yellow, Mental Health – well done to all involved as we support Mental Health not just today but ‘every day’. Please support through Parent Pay.

How to Pass National Qualifications – last week we held an info session for Parents of S4,5,6 pupils to help them help their youngster. We have downloaded the session video which can be viewed here

Covid cases letter – Thank you for the ongoing work in trying to mitigate Covid where possible. Cases continue to arise at times, please see attached a letter below advising steps that can and should be taken if needed.

Parents’ Eve – Our first Parents’ Eve is next week, a great chance to link in with our S1 Parents on how positively they are settling in. Details to Parents will be sent, if you have questions please email .

S1 Check in with House Head – Our S1 Settling in interviews are ongoing with our House Head Team. It’s a positive piece of relationship building to help the young Team transition.

With one week to go we hope you have a good weekend from all at Leith.

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