This week has had several updates for schools but also in our wider community as restrictions change. The weather turns to Autumn and this in itself will continue to bring added challenge to how we adapt through the pandemic.

My communication yesterday was specifically linked to the SQA news and signposting you to the Parent letter from our Chief Education Officer, Andy Gray. I hope this was useful.

Key points this week;


Cases continue to rise as we know so please continue to echo and encourage with your family the steps we all need to take to help mitigate the risk of infection. Hand hygiene, coverings and 2m distance from adults makes a real difference. Our pupils and staff are working very hard with this and I thank them for that.


Ventilation remains a part of our infection control steps and risk assessment…..but it’s getting colder and will continue to do so. With this in mind consider the clothing to wear as rooms may be colder as we try to keep air moving through them.

NHS Antibody Test

This is available for those who work in essential services such as schools. It will tell you if you have had the virus over recent months, to register see link .


Developments and plans were issued by the Deputy First Minister this week. Our earlier update can be found on our website here .

Reports to Parents

Our S4,5,6 1st Tracking reports are complete and will be issued to pupils by their Key Adult over the coming days. Our S3 1st Tracking reports have now been opened and staff are completing.

As ever the reports mark a point of feedback and can be seen as a ‘conversation starter’ with home and school. Please email with any questions regarding reports and it will be passed to the best placed colleague to help.

S1 Parents’ Eve

We continue with plans to provide our video call Parents’ evening next week. I myself experienced the software as a Parent this week as I attended my own session for my two children and it was a very positive and easy to use system.

Please bear with us as it will be our first time (Parents and Teachers) of using the new platform and there will inevitably be some ‘bedding in’ that needs to take place. If for whatever reason we are unable to fulfil the planned slot we will find an alternative plan at a later point to provide feedback to you on your son / daughter.

Mr Stewart (Depute Head Teacher) will issue the relevant information and any key points as we near the date next week.

With 5 school days to go until the well-deserved half term, I hope you have a nice weekend.

Mike Irving

Head Teacher

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