Head’s News 23 June 2021 – End of School Year - 23rd Jun, 2021

As we end the School year we have included final points before we finish on Friday. A letter will be sent to all Families over the course of the Summer with latest updates and plans. Please find below our latest calendar of events ‘Parent version’ to help planning. This may be subject to change with […]

Head’s News 18 June 2021 - 18th Jun, 2021

The penultimate Friday of the term has arrived. You will note we, like many other schools and parts of the country have been challenged and pushed by the Delta variant over recent weeks. Thank you for the ongoing work you do in echoing key messages and please continue to do all you can at home […]

Head’s News 11 June 2021 - 11th Jun, 2021

The timetable for 20/21 is now complete as we prepare for our new 21/22 timetable next week. We will make some changes to our staggered times to allow us the chance to issue timetables but in a Covid safe way. See main points below; S2 S3 Parents – please complete this consent to help us […]

Head’s News 4 June 2021 - 4th Jun, 2021

As we complete the first week in June, here are some key updates from this week; SQA Update – There have been several updates over the past few weeks as we come to the end of our assessing phase and are now working through the marking. There was also an update on the appeals process […]