Thanks to all Staff, Pupils and Families for the calm and safe approach taken this week to our phased return plans. We move to week 2 next week which has a light change to this week, please check week 2 attached below;

Staggered times – please see our attached plan, below, for staggered times and doors, as per this week. This helps reduce traffic in corridors.

Pupils – Keep a note

As from Monday, pupils should ‘keep a note’ of any close contacts they have. This means making a note people / friends / names they are closer than 2m to each day (this should be kept to an absolute minimum).

In classes they are sat 2m apart so there is no need here. If they are close to people over break and lunch (whilst outside) then these names should be taken using their iPad or other note form in the event Test & Protect have to speak with them linked to a positive result.

This will continue until the Easter break (next Thursday).

Lat Flow Results

NHS Scotland have asked that we remind all Staff and S4,5,6 that results should be logged on the portal to help create a national picture. The guide booklet that comes with the kit box has this info.

S4,5,6 Formal Assessment Window 2

Ms Watson is working through some of the details and plans for this after Easter event. We will keep in touch by email with S4,5,6 pupils directly. The main and continued priority for now is to keep engaging with the work and asking questions if you are unsure in order to develop / improve as best you can.

HPV vaccinations

NHS are continuing the roll out as per normal years. S1/2 letters will be coming to families and there will S3-6 follow up where needed.

Scholar online resources

Scholar have a wide range of high quality resources to help compliment the learning in lessons. There is a video here to view . Email Scholar direct from their website of you have any questions or need support .

S3 Track 2 Reports

These have started and will be emailed to Families once complete / checked. They should help inform discussions with young people / Families around next steps and plans moving into S4.

Press release

Following our hugely kind donation from Sir Ian, to our Drama / Creative area, the link to the related press release can be found here .

The sun has certainly shone on Leith this week as spring comes into play. It was great seeing the early steps towards a full return this week.

We hope you have a good weekend.

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