Dear Families and Pupils,

We are finalising our preparations for the beginning of term tomorrow. Please check key information including the time you are to arrive at School tomorrow, it is covered on previous posts here School update 12 Aug 2021 – ( .

Edinburgh Council have written to Parents with an update on Covid procedures, there have been some positive changes here but there are steps we must continue to take as we all return to busy Schools. The letter can be found here,

S1 Pupils – We look forward to meeting you at the front of the School at 8.30am, Staff and Prefects will be there to meet you and welcome you. Remember your Class number and House name, for example 1.3 Anderson. This will help as you arrive.

Mobile Phones – We all understand and appreciate the benefits of technology and in being contactable when outside of School. We have taken our current mobile policy (which is available to view on the website) and have refreshed some of the expectations to help young people focus on their learning. If a youngster is struggling with their mobile phones use / concentration in lessons we will link in with home to discuss or provide support.

We will share this revised approach with pupils over the course of the coming days as they return, it was important to also share this with Parents and Families to allow us to all be on the same page as we support young people.

Our next step is to welcome youngsters back tomorrow, we look forward to seeing them as we begin session 21/22.

Leith Academy

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